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Posted: November 10, 2010 in Beer Menu, Beer School, Cicero's General, Music Venue, Nostalgia, Uncategorized

Welcome to the Cicero’s Blog. Here you will be able to stay up to date with all that is happening at Cicero’s. As I’m sure you already know, between the restaurant, the venue, the bar, and all the beer, there is always something new going on.

My name is Chad. I’m the publisher of this blog. In 1977, my father Shawn, took a big risk and opened Cicero’s at 6510 Delmar. Like any restaurant, the first several years were rough for us. My dad worked all the time to try to make the restaurant a viable business.

This is me when I was the Donkey Kong Champion of Cicero's (at least in my eyes).

I can remember going to Cicero’s for pizza when I was very young. I’m quite sure that Cicero’s was my first, and only, real perception of what pizza was. As I grew older, the restaurant became more and more successful. I was shocked when we used to go for dinner on the weekends and there were long waits just to sit down and eat some toasted ravioli.

I was real proud of my dad for taking the risk, (albeit, I really didn’t understand what was at stake) opening up Cicero’s, and I’m even more proud that it has become the success it has.

When I was about ten, I used to beg my dad to take me to work with him every Saturday. Sometimes he would oblige and I got to hang out all day at the restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, he DID put me to work. I got to portion out french fries, shrimp, onion rings, zucchini and lots of other cool fried foods, and even got to help make a pizza on occasion. My pay, you might wonder, was a roll of quarters to take to the front room in the restaurant and play video games. I was in HEAVEN!!

As I grew older, I also grew more fond of Cicero’s. Nothing made me happier than bringing my friends down to The Loop for a Cicero’s pizza. As much as I loved the restaurant, my father was intent, as was I, that I go to college, and get a quality education. After all, my brother and I are first generation college graduates.

Don't know the exact year of this photo, but it is from the very early days of Cicero's (1980 ish). As you may be able to tell, this is now Blueberry Hill. This was before The Loop was nearly as popular as it is today. Anybody remember when Cicero's looked like this?

After graduating college out-of-state, I moved back to St. Louis to help facilitate the move from 6510 Delmar, to 6691 Delmar, just up the street. My father, taking another big risk, decided to expand and open up the current Cicero’s. I moved back and worked here for a few years before I decided it was time to head west. That is exactly what I did. In 2000, I moved to Colorado. I stayed until April 2010, when my fiancée and I moved back to St. Louis to be back near my family and once again work at Cicero’s.

When I got back, I realized that Cicero’s needed a bigger online presence. Sure, we have a website and we are listed all over the web, but we needed some other presence to help keep in contact with you all, our customers. My father, being a bit old school, has never owned a computer and has no e-mail address. So, this is where we stand, our first blog post.

I know you all probably don’t want to hear more about my family and I, so I won’t bore you with anymore stories (unless you want me too!). This blog will be a place for us to let you know what is happening day-to-day, week to week, and so on.It will include posts about beer, things around St. Louis, food, music, The Loop as well as anything else we think you may want to know. I will probably also continue re-living stories of Cicero’s past with everyone. If you have suggestions, comments, or just want to say hello, this is a good place to do it.

In my preliminary search for pictures of the old Cicero's, this is the only one I found. It was taken from the balcony area where I used to spend all my time playing video games. Great picture, huh?

I’m happy to announce that we have several people who will be contributing to this blog, and I’m still looking for others that may be interested as well. If you would like to write an entry or two, or be involved on an ongoing basis, let me know and we can sit down and discuss it. Also, if anyone out there has some old Cicero’s photos they would be willing to share with me and the blog, it would be much appreciated.

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter as well. If you ever want to contact me directly, e-mail me chad@ciceros-stl.com. So, once again, thanks for visiting, and welcome to the Cicero’s Blog!



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