Not-so-standard show details

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Though we think we send a pretty detailed list of instructions upon confirming a show, Andy’s Bar in Denton, Texas, sends out more. Some of these are what you’d expect—load in/load out, pay, blackout dates—while others bear reposting. You don’t have to be in a band to appreciate the venue’s sense of humor. (Our favorite is the ghost.)


Please, only one free guest per band member. If you have two people in your band, then guess how many people you can get in for free. Exceptions are made for your support crew, your merch girls and guitar techs, but they may not get a guest in for free, and they do not get “band member prices” (see below.) On that note, please do not try and trick us. If you have a merch girl but no merch, or if you have a small combo amp and two guitar techs, we will know. If you want to get your cousin and his girlfriend in for free but you are out of guest list slots, just ask us politely and we will more than likely help you out. However, if you sneak your cousin and his hot date inside by pulling them up the garbage shoot, then we have problems.

This isn’t the Nokia, but yes, we have them. If you wish, you may bring SOME of your own lights, but don’t bring a 16 par can rig and 12 strobes. Excessive lights use excessive power and blow excessive fuses.

We have mics, cables, and stands. You don’t need to bring your own. However, if you have some wizard mic that makes you sound like MJ, bring it. If you have some custom mic stands that match your custom drum set, hey, you can bring those, too. Remember, the more you bring, the more you have to haul in and out. Bring only what you need unless your night is just ruined without it.


Do not get drunk and trash the place. The building is old, and the owner is surly.

Do not yell at the sound guy during your performance. Handle technical issues like adults.

If you bring in a cake for your cousin’s birthday, don’t smear it all over the floor. If you do, you will be introduced to the surly owner.

DO NOT BRING IN ANY ILLEGAL DRUGS. Don’t do it. If you get busted smoking dope behind the stage in a really nice hand carved wooden pipe from Guam, then you get thrown out. No, you don’t get your drugs back by making threats.  Don’t do them in the bathrooms, outback, out front, or wherever. This will mess up your rock star night faster than anything else. Let’s be clear: save it for the after party at your cousin’s house.

If we catch a minor drinking, we throw them out. If you are a minor who is a band member and you try to sneak a sip, you are out. That’s going to make your performance very difficult SO DON’T DO IT.

Many people have seen a ghost in the building. If you see anything strange, DO NOT PANIC. Remain calm and report your sighting to a staff member.

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