The First Pour: Founders Double Trouble Imperial IPA

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Beer Menu

Cicero’s understands that when it come to beer, most people’s favorite is the latest and greatest new beer. Very few beer lovers drink the same beer over and over again. Sure, you might go back to an old standard, but you always try the latest beer first. For that reason, and others, Cicero’s changes their menu every week. When kegs kick, we change them up, unless we decide to keep it tapped for a while longer because it kicked so fast. With that in mind, we strive to keep you, our customers informed on our weekly changes. The “First Pour” series of blog posts will highlight and review the newest beers we have on draft for you. Again, we have a happy couple writing these posts for us. If you see them around, make sure and thank them for their hard work.

By Alaina Kantner and Mike Vecchio

ABV  9.4%

IBU  86

Availability: Jan-April

Double Trouble is whopper of an imperial IPA that has garnered a lot of attention from Founders supporters and IPA lovers alike (not to mention the logo is seriously cool). The beer pours out of the keg golden in color with a thin head and some nice lacing. The look is appetizing, but doesn’t do the beer justice on first inspection. Not to sell the taste/drink of this beer short, but the aroma off this beer is outstanding!

Off the nose you get all kinds of citrus fruits – tangerines, oranges, grapefruits – which really showcase the high IBU levels of the beer. Despite the large nose, this beer is very well balanced by malts (Alaina was shocked – as a first time drinker – to enjoy the beer as much as she did). While balanced, this is still a bruiser of an IPA. You’re going to get resin and citrusy hops throughout the drink and finish of this beer. Overall, this is a great beer for all manner of beer lovers. It’s a seasonal release, so come grab a pint while you can.

About the Authors Alaina and Mike moved to St Louis from Ohio in 2008 and quickly jumped into the craft beer scene. Alaina has gone from drinking light lagers almost exclusively to enjoying maltier beers – most notably porters and stouts – and hefeweizens. In her free time Alaina enjoys reading, running, and attempting to teach their dog tricks. Mike has evolved from drinking highly hopped IPAs to enjoying a wider range of pale ales and traditional hefeweizens. Mike enjoys trying to teach his dog not to bark at anything that moves, reading about crime and gangs, and home brewing with his co-workers. Both Alaina and Mike have been attending Cicero’s Beer School for a year and credit it to helping them expand their knowledge of craft brew and assisting them to take the plunge into home brewing with their friends. Hopefully, they will bring in some of their home-brew one day.


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