Givers & I Went to a Show | For the Betterment of Mondays

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Face it: Your Monday is in desperate need of a fix-up, a face-lift, a transplant, a re-do and anything and everything in between – just so long as it doesn’t feel like a Monday anymore. Well, luckily for you Cicero’s Venue and I Went to a Show are here to help fix, if not solve, that whole Monday thing, tomorrow (Monday, June 27th) at 7:30p. If your spirits aren’t lifted by the hook-laden, world-beat percussive sounds of Givers you might not have a pulse. Givers are poised to be the next breakout indie band, especially thanks to the attention given to them by the Dirty Projectors who gave them the duty/honor of opening for them in 2009. Recently, Givers received the “Jimmy Fallon Bump” and were the music guests on his June 13th show (the music/introduction starts at about 36:37). Givers were on everyone’s “must see” list this year at SXSW, which typically bodes well for fledgling indie rock and pop acts. Have a look for yourself; Givers explode on stage at SXSW, and nearly every other live performance I’ve yet to see myself. You’re sure to witness another thunderous and enchanting show tomorrow night at Cicero’s.

I Went to a Show, a local music blog, is presenting the show here at Cicero’s and they knew what they were doing when lining up Givers along with Pepper Rabbit and 1,2,3. If you’re one of the lucky ones to join them during their pre-show Tweet-Up (Up, Up – a clever take on the first single by Givers) you might also be heading to the show for free – join them during the Tweet-Up where they’ll be giving away a pair of free tickets to the show. Come out and upgrade your Monday with new friends, great new music (you know you want to be able to say you “saw that band that was on Jimmy Fallon at Cicero’s once”) and a few brews from Cicero’s outstanding beer selection.

About the Author – Jennifer Metzler has been going to rock and roll shows all over St. Louis from an early age. She recalls some of her first ever shows as rollicking good, jam-packed, sweaty and perfectly dim-lit shows while standing on the Cicero’s venue floor. When not rocking out at shows, writing about music or listening to the newest breakout band, she’s writing about hockey, watching hockey, or screaming and throwing a remote across the living room in regards to, you guessed it, hockey. She also loves to talk to her cats, walk around the duck pond judging duck hair-do’s and collect vinyl records. If you see her at a show, Cicero’s or anywhere around St. Louis, feel free to say hello! 


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