Kenny’s Window Journal

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Check back for regular updates and breaking news from our man in the window.


6:50 AM
Tim Ezell (Fox 2 News) dropped by to do an interview and cover what we are doing.
You can watch the video at the link below.,0,4837690.story

11:06 AM
Happy 47th Birthday, Buffalo Wings! I think I will celebrate by eating a pound or two this afternoon.

1:35 PM
Just took my “toilet” on it’s maiden voyage. It works.

2:42 PM

5:37 PM
Today’s Beer School was all class: Schlitz. The beer that made Milwaukee famous.

7:58 PM
Joe Edwards stopped by for a drink and an interview.
I’ll post a video soon.

9:41 PM
I am the master of Mario Kart.

2:02 AM


10:26 AM
I just had a conversation with Kiernan Maletsky at The RFT. I’m looking forward to our Dinner-view tomorrow.

10:42 AM
Where is my toothbrush?

1:37 PM
Beer School/Band Practice at 4 PM today.

2:53 PM
Just wrapped up lunch. Now it’s time for a little exercise.

3:56 PM
Getting ready for band practice. I don’t think U City is ready for this.

4:19 PM
Just got shut down in under 2 songs. “Do you have any idea how slow you were going?” Noise complaint central. Video here:

5:31 PM
Beer School. Busch beer with Fister, BC, Liz Baldes, Stantron, and some enthusiastic new scholars.

8:16 PM
Just finished up a great interview with Loren from The Point. Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band is up next!

12:21 AM
Some drunk weirdo decided it would be a good idea to flip a table, and then damage one of our cook’s scooters. Captain Ken caught the offender on video. Have fun in City Jail.


10:05 AM
Still going strong. We’ve received countless donations for Help us reach our goal by donating on their website, or come down and join us here at Cicero’s.

12:13 PM
Editing yesterday’s beer school footage. Head for the mountains.

1:14 PM
Just got done with a little father and son time, playing Mario Kart with my 4 year old. He won.

3:39 PM
Busch Beer School!

4:26 PM
Stag Beer School starts at 5 PM today with guests: The Jungle Fire

7:55 PM
My interview with the Oklahoma Alcoholic, Kiernan Maletsky was great, despite his lack of geographical knowledge.

10:16 PM
Holy mackerel! We just hit $600.00 and Lift For Life has a new music program (now I also have to wear adult diapers for the entire day tomorrow). Let’s keep those donations coming

11:38 PM
Daddy hammered.

3:38 AM
Just had a romantic candle lit dinner with Bobby Jensen.


11:22 AM
My mind is going. I can feel it.

1:12 PM
Brownies. Good.

1:38 PM
Importing a lot of golden quality footage from yesterday’s Beer School with The Jungle fire.

2:01 PM
“What if he fuckin’ died in there? That’d be awesome”.  Not as awesome as your Notre Dame Fighting Irish hat and blue jean shorts, big guy.

3:32 PM
I’m so hungry I could eat a buffalo chicken wrap. Yesterday’s beer school video here:

5:23 PM
Tonight’s Beer School is brought to ME by Depends.

6:02 PM
What a terrible time to be wearing a diaper. Channel 5 just arrived. Airing at 10 PM. My guest at Beer School tonight is Mike Jones of I Hate Punk Rock Records.

8:05 PM
These things really are absorbent. Mike Jones was a terrific guest. And Dan makes a wonderful co-host.

9:42 PM

1:25 AM
I overheard a woman tell her husband:
“I don’t have a job, and have money. You have a job, but you don’t have money.”


11:24 AM
These things can be weird.

1:11 PM
I’m being serenaded.

2:49 PM
Leigh Jacobson and Justin Rau brought me a wonderful lunch and picnicked  outside my window. Both delicious and thoughtful. Thanks guys!

4:01 PM

All work and no play makes Ken a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Ken a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Ken a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Ken a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Ken a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Ken a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Ken a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Ken a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Ken a dull boy.

4:17 PM
I’m getting pretty good at mirrored writing.
6:33 PM
Great beer school with Chris Denton, Erik Ramsier, Travis Lawrence, and Marcus Newstead.

9:51 PM
Something about some baseball…

11:34 PM
You can donate more than just money. If you have any old instruments that you aren’t using sitting around in the basement, or combo amps, or even a fresh pack of guitar strings would help tremendously. Contact any time to make a donation. Thanks!


10:32 AM
What part of NO EARLY BIRDS don’t you understand?
Charity sidewalk sale at 11 AM.

1:35 PM
Some young kids with weird hair are here to play music in front of my window. I feel like a 40 year old father in the 80s that has a child that listens to Poison.

5:05 PM
I need a shower.

8:20 PM
STL Punk History 101 with Tim Jamison. Grab a pencil, Kids.

9:46 PM
Just got my ass beat in Wii Punchout by my brother. He will always be better at video games.

10:11 PM
We’ve been receiving lots of instruments from local musicians to donate. Thanks guys! I don’t think they truly realize how generous they are being.

12:35 AM
Thank you for tapping. Everybody loves a drunk.


8:03 AM
I’ve been awake for over an hour listening to a couple old guys talk about how nice the weather is. I bet indoor plumbing is nice too.

10:14 AM
Tom Quach (of Harkonin) and his lovely family just made a huge contribution. They donated tons of music equipment. Who says metal is all evil and darkness?

12:01 PM

4:50 PM
I don’t care if you like baseball or not, I’m listening to the game on the radio and I’m on the edge of my seat.

6:26 PM
Man… I gotta get out of here. I’m pulling my hair out.

8:32 PM
Sine Nomine just dropped by to donate an entire drum kit, cymbals, a guitar, and various other instruments.

8:56 PM
Thank you for all of your contributions. None of us expected it to be nearly this successful.

9:02 PM
I’m getting out of here. Shower bound. I’m going to use a fresh bar of soap and throw it away when I’m done with it.


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