Kenny’s week in the window

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Cicero’s is teaming up with Lift For Life, an amazing local charity keeping kids off the street. From October 3rd through the 9th we will be hosting a benefit fundraiser to raise money for their children’s music program in St. Louis. Throughout the entire week Cicero’s new publicist, Kenny Snarzyk, will be locked in the display window. Kenny will be interviewing guest celebrities and artists, giving his own unique music and fitness instructions and “teaching” his very own special beer school every day he is living in the window. Kenny will also be hosting contests and giveaways throughout the week. You can follow Kenny’s day by visiting Cicero’s facebook and twitter pages or by simply coming down to witness a ridiculous original event all in the name of supporting the wonderful work Lift for Life does for their own community. In addition to the lock in, every night Cicero’s will be hosting live entertainment in the venue by artists The Gorge, Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Futurebirds, Jake’s Leg, and a very special benefit show showcasing Number 6 Media and I Hate Punk Rock Records bands: Black for a Second, Ensain James, and Boom Tops. Kenny’s weekly itinerary can be seen by visiting


Media= Kenny’s starting the day sharing the internet with you. It’s more fun than that friend who comes over to your house and makes you watch every thing he/she’s ever seen on youtube. He’ll be reaching out to radio and television as well.

Exercise= Well, exercise, but for a cause greater than six minute abs. Kenny will take on difficult (for him) aerobic challenges in exchange for donations by any and all. Donate a quarter a push-up, a buck a minute on the shake weight, or whatever you want.

All proceeds collected will go to Lift For Life

Band Prac= Band Practice.  Of course this guys in a band, look at him. They normally practice on Tuesdays, he can’t miss practice.

D.Y.J.= Do Your Job. Kenny will be working on various projects to advertise Cicero’s and Cicero’s Live’s brand. He will most likely be fielding help from passers-by and folks online.

B.S.= Beer School. We have a free Beer School on Wednesdays mirroring the academic calendar where beginners and connoisseurs can both learn from those with the closest ties to your favorite or soon to be favorite beers. This is Kenny’s take on that. It will be informative, though mainly not factual.

Fan Mail. Not what you think. He will be answering your online messages through the week, but fan mail is Kenny writing his favorite and not so favorite people, services, product manufactures, etc. to voice his opinions.

D.V.= Dinnerview! It’s a combination of dinner (Kenny’s dinner) and an interview. Kenny will be interviewing musicians, comedians, local celebs, people leaving the restaurant, you get where this goes, all while dressed in his finest and enjoying his dinner. Kenny believes you can ask people anything when there’s an inch of glass between you.

T.G.= Ticket Give-a-ways! You’ll have to earn them. That’s all I can say.

G.W.K.= Games with Kenny. Entertaining…competitive…no quarters necessary.

P-Time= Kenny’s personal time. He can choose to be social, but bears gotta sleep too.

  1. Tony D'Souza says:


    I live just down the street. I, like millions of others, would love to be interviewed by you.
    Here’s my website:
    Here’s my latest news:
    People tell me I’m interesting and funny. I’ll give you a book.
    Have fun this week!
    Tony D

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